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Local Images

Main Street

Main St. Lexington looking North, c1900

Maury River Looking North

Maury River looking west toward canal dam, undated

Jefferson and Nelson

Jefferson & Nelson looking west to Paxton House, c1900

Moses Mill

Lexington Rolling Mills aka Moses’s Mill, Jordan’s Point, c1900

Buena Vista Furnace

Buena Vista Furnace, undated

West Side Main St

Main Street, Lexington, west side, c1939

Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge @ Jordan’s Point, North end, c1920

Railroad Trestle

Railroad Trestle over Maury River, c1952

Pencil Art

Jordan’s Point, pencil art. Note millrace & covered bridge

VMI Cadets

VMI Cadets marching over East Lexington Bridge down to river area, c1940

West Nelson

West Nelson Street, Lexington, c1930’s

Lyric Theater

Lyric Theatre, Main Street, Lexington, c1920’s

Bus Stop
Lexington Hotel on Main

The Lexington Hotel, North Main Street, c1910, Postcard

Nelson St Bridge

Building the Nelson Street Bridge, c1938, looking east

Skinny Dipping

VMI Cadets skinny dipping in Maury River near Lyburn’s Mill

East Lex Covered Bridge

East Lexington Covered Bridge, 1928

Woody Chevrolet

Woody Chevrolet, South Main St. c1930’s

East Lex Rail Station

East Lexington Railroad Station

Steam Engine

Chesapeake & Ohio, 2-8-0, Steam Engine at Loch Laird

Packet Boats

Packet Boats & Railroad ties, c 1880

Lex Rail Station

Lexington Railroad Station, c 1962


The Mayflower Inn, South Main St.

Jackson on Packet

Stonewall Jackson’s body on Packet Boat Marshall on way to Lexington, 1863

Buena Vista Rail Station

Buena Vista Railroad Station, c1930

Water Tower

East Lexington Water Tower

BV N&W Rail Station

Buena Vista Norfolk & Western Railroad Station

Col Alto

Col Alto, c1917

Mayflower Inn-1931

The Mayflower Inn, South Main @ Jordan St., Lexington, c 1931

Central Hotel

Central Hotel, South Main Street, c 1910

National Hotel

National Hotel, East side of South Main between Washington & Nelson Streets, Lexington

Rockbridge Natl Bank

Rockbridge National Bank, NW corner of Main & Nelson Streets, c1930

R E Lee Hotel

Hotel Robert E. Lee, North Main St., c1930’s

Rockbridge Bank Interior

The Rockbridge Bank, Main @ Nelson [Andrew Wade, Marion Jones, Peggy Wade, Mabel Adair, Louis Tyree, Lloyd McClung

Old Main Street

“Old Main Street”, SE corner North Main @ Henry Streets, Lexington

Rice Drug Store

Rice’s Drug Store, north side of Nelson Street between Main and Jefferson Streets, c1940

Sloan House

Sloan House, East Washington, undated

State Theater

State Theatre, VMI Cadets, Army tank, West Nelson Street, Lexington, c1954

North Jefferson

North Jefferson, west side, north of Nelson Street, c 1950’s

Adair Hutton Fire

Adair-Hutton Fire, SW corner Main @ Washington Streets, Lexington, c 1960

South Main

200 block South Main Street, east side, 1954

Cadets Marching

VMI Cadets marching from covered bridge @ Jordan’s Point, c 1905

Lex Rolling Mill

Lexington Rolling Mills, Jordan’s Point, undated

Miller House Museum 12-30-15 Financial Report

Jordan’s Point, undated

Aerial View

Aerial View of Jordan’s Point, c 1939. Looking NE

Cabins at Jordans Point

Jordan’s Point, undated

Lex Rail Station-1950s

Lexington Railroad Station, c 1950’s

Lex Station-1930

Lexington Railroad Station, c 1930

Aerial View of Lex Station

Aerial View Lexington RR Station-Nelson St @ top, Myers @ right

Breechenbrook Foundry

Breechenbrook Foundry, Jordan’s Point, undated

Raphine Station

Raphine Railroad Station (Valley RR/B&O RR), undated

Lackey Lumber

Lackey Lumber Company, Lexington

C&O and Maury

C&O Railroad, Maury River with House Mountain in distance, undated

Rail Workers

Railroad Workers, undated

Glasgow Station

Glasgow RR Station, C&O RR, built 1890, undated

Goshen Station and Hotel

Goshen C&O RR Station and hotel, c 1900

Last Passenger

Last passenger on last passenger train out of Lexington, June 30, 1954

Train Ticket

Last ticket for last passenger train out of Lexington, June 30, 1954

Higgins and Irvine Lumber

Higgins & Irvine Lumber, c1940 (now Lexington Building Supply)

Oxford Church

Oxford Church Sunday School Convention, c1907

Rapps Mill

Rapps Mill, c1900 South Buffalo Creek Road (RT 611) @South Buffalo Creek (RT 738)

Beattys Mill

Beatty’s Mill, undated. On US 60, west of junction with RT 641

Lime Kiln Bridge

Lime Kiln Bridge, undated

Buffalo Forge

Buffalo Forge . Forge Road at Buffalo Creek

Forest Tavern

Forest Tavern, Natural Bridge, VA.

Natural Bridge Hotel

Natural Bridge Hotel, c 1929

Natural Bridge Station

Natural Bridge Railroad Station, undated

Campbell House

Campbell House, Washington St @ Randolph St, c1930. Currently houses the Rockbridge Historical Society.

Jacob Ruff House

Jacob Ruff House, c1925, North Main Street

Lexington Hotel

The Lexington Hotel, South Main Street, c1867

McCampbell Inn

McCampbell Inn, North Main Street, undated

100 Block of Main Street

100 Block South Main Street, east side, undated

Main Street North

Main Street north, c1866

Lex Presbyterian Church

Lexington Presbyterian Church, South Main St. @ Nelson St., c1910


McCrum’s Drug Store, North Main, west side, c 1906

Nelson and Main

NW Corner Nelson & Main Streets in Lexington, c1930

Main and Henry

North west corner of Main & Henry Streets in Lexington, c 1933

Cyrus McCormick

Cyrus McCormick

Sam Houston

Samuel Houston


Fairfield, VA, undated

South River Lumber Co

South River Lumber Company, Cornwall, VA

Packet Boat Marshall

Packet Boat “Marshall” at Jordan's’ Point. Part of a stereo view

Farmer and child

Farmer & child on Ox cart sled

Rockbridge Alum

Rockbridge Alum Springs

Old Dam

Old dam on Maury River, c1900

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